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by Mariko Tamaki

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An interesting graphic novel, kind of sad and kind of funny. The story was slow-paced but it is one that will stay with me. Themes included suicide, teen angst, first love, and the meaning of friendship.

Red Queen
by Victoria Aveyard

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Victoria Aveyard's novel, Red Queen, was as thought provoking as it was fun to read. As I became familiar with Mare, the main character, I could feel my stress level rise and fall as she faces the new life forced upon her by the Silvers. I was challenged as I felt the emotion of living as a minority, a Red, throughout the story. I became angry with the Silvers and emotional over the Red's lot in life. I was infuriated by the Silver Queen and felt powerless with Mare as she would whisper into her mind. A love triangle arises in this story, one Red and Two Silvers, and I was left cheering for each of them at some point to win Mare's heart. I very much enjoyed this book and am left wanting more.

Mary Poppins Comes Back
by P.l. Travers

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A great book to read. The book had a lot of adventure.

Welcome To The Dark House
by Laurie Faria Stolarz

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Started off kinda slow, but it got more interesting the more I read it. I hope there will be a sequel.

Dear Bridget I Want You
by Penelope Ward vi keeland

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Great romance novel! Simon is the dr on call to retrieve a hook from Bridget's butt, but what he doesn't know is how that one encounter leads to how his future will pan out. Especially when Simon's friend whose also Bridget's friend gets him a place to stay at none other than Bridget's guest house. Simon never thought he would end up wanting to settle down, especially with a woman who has a kid! but when offered a job over seas in his hometown he's stuck with a very hard decision. Do I stay or do I go?

The Chase
by Erin McCarthy

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This book was funny, action-packed, witty, engaging and romantic.

Catching Fire
by Suzanne Collins

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This book is amazing! I didn't think a book could make me want to read more after I read "Hunger Games" but "Catching Fire" surprised me in a good way!

Blue Labyrinth
by Preston and Child

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This isn’t my favorite of the Pendergast series. It isn’t as atmospheric as many of the books. I like a strong sense of place. Pendergast is dying and needs a botanical antidote. There’s a lot of action involved in finding the right plants. Not a bad book but these authors can do better.

The First Family
by Daniel Palmer Books

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If you like fast paced medical thrillers, I recommend this one. I was engaged from page 1. You get a good sense of the difficulties of public office, while being a parent, protecting your family and your privacy. The main characters are thoughtfully and completely developed. There are some interesting twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.

by Claire Legrand

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This book was a little hard to get into at first, but then as it went back in time, and showed the past timeline it got better to read. I enjoyed the romantic part of the story line, but not as much with the war and fighting, but if you like those kinds of stories this is perfect for you! Overall pretty interesting, but a little difficult to read at times.
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