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Supermutant Magic Academy
by Jillian Tamaki

Hilarious supernatural teen angst. These comics are bizarre little windows into a strange magical school and I wish there was more.

by Mariko Tamaki

An interesting graphic novel, kind of sad and kind of funny. The story was slow-paced but it is one that will stay with me. Themes included suicide, teen angst, first love, and the meaning of friendship.

No Regrets
by lilana rhodes

good read, like the many sides to it

Welcome To The Dark House
by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Started off kinda slow, but it got more interesting the more I read it. I hope there will be a sequel.

Seven Pillars Of Servant Leadership
by James Sipe and Don Frick

I was tasked with reading this book for a leadership program that I am involved with through my employer. My mentee and I are also presenting on two of the pillars. I enjoyed reading this book because it helps readers and myself evolve to be the leaders that are needed in more organizations. It reminded me the type of leader that I want to me and provided tips and inspiration for my day to day work as a manager.

Hugo Pepper
by Paul Stewart And Chris Riddell

A great book to read

Love By The Numbers
by Karin Kallmaker

Awesome read!

To love free
by Chris paynter

Great book! Very vivid imagery and great storyline!

A cowboy firefighter for christmas
by Kim Redford

Love story with a mystery Love how the author went into details about firefighting to history to observations

The Black Stallion
by Walter Farley

This is one of those classics I somehow missed as a kid. What a great story! It's so easy to root for Alec and the Black and Henry.

A drop in the ocean
by Jenni Ogden

A delightful read of transformation from solitude to love and purpose. Deals with Huntington's disease and saving the turtles.

Akata Witch
by Nnedi Okorafor

This the 2nd in the Akata series. I didn't think it was as good as the 1st put still a great story line about an African-American "Harry Potter" and her and her friends adventures to save the human world from evil.

The Secret Sisters
by Joni Rodgers

This book is about two sisters and a sister-in-law and their struggling relationships after a tragedy occurs. I found the book to be kind of trashy and the characters a bit extreme. Not my favorite book.

When Parenting Isn't Perfect
by Jim Daly

This is a great book for any Christian parent that needs some encouragement along the bumpy parenting road. Jim Daly shares his personal experiences that took him from orphan to heading one of the most well known Christian ministries for families of all kinds.

by Eric S. Brown

This book is about a kaiju that has been discovered in Antarctica. It's dead, but it's got life inside... The creativity of this author with coming up with so many descriptions of the kaiju, wow, I'm glad he's not telling me bedtime stories! It totally creeped me out. So many different kinds in one "litter". Ferocious too, yikes. But I do love giant monster stories, Godzilla being my favorite and all.
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