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Secrets in summer
by Nancy thayer

Excellent summer love story with a few twists and turns

by Irene Hannon Books

Perfect blend of suspense and romance. When a girl goes missing, her sister is left to track her down. Kept me engaged until the end!

The Romanov Empress By C.w. Gortner
by C.W. Gortner

This is a great historical novel. If you are interested in the history of the Tsars this is the read for you.

Dreamland The True Tale Of America's Opiate Epidemic
by Sam Quinones

A difficult topic with a lot of misinformation out on the internet, the opiod epidemic affects us all. This investigative story shows the international connections that have brought a lethal drug trade into our country as the poor in Mexico strive to support their own families and gain respect and notariety in their own towns. A very addictive pain medication over prescription by our medical doctors led too many looking for the cheaper alternatives to get by. The addiction is real. Where there is a demand someone will develop a supply. I'm not blaming the suppliers in Mexico, the book makes this crazy situation more understandable.

The 6th Target By James Patterson
by James Patterson Womens Murder Club

I've enjoyed this book and its many twists and turns to lead to the conviction of a murderer. The stories of the police, lawyers, news reporters and medical examiner were brought together in a very clever way that lets you get to know the characters in a different depth in each book in the series. The horrific crimes are believable, unfortunately, and you get to see deeper into the great people involved in keeping us safe and gathering the information to prosecute the criminals. The 6th Target dives deeper into mental illness behind many crimes.

The 5th Horseman Patterson
by James Patterson Womens Murder Club Series

Lieutenant Lindsey Boxer is a likable character that leads you through the steps of a mysterious series of unexplainable deaths in this book, the 5th, in the Women's murder club series. James Patterson is a easy read author whom ties several events together with ease. The strong women characters are refreshing and believable.

Adventure Time Vol. 8 Mathematical Edition
by Christopher Hastings,Pendleton Ward,Ryan North

Cool book for those into comics and/or graphic novels.

Queen of Hearts
by Judy Duarte

********************SPOILER ALERT***************SPOILER ALERT********************* I enjoyed this short story about a former cheerleader who marries the football hero right after graduation and then divorce ten years and one daughter later. The cheerleader is forced to return to her hometown, move in with her mother (who is also in the process of getting a divorce) and takes a job as an advice columnist for the local newspaper. She is assigned to report on a new business designed to help struggling high school students find their way to college which is owned by a former geek who tutored her in high school and then refused a date when he asked her. All ended well, they of course fell in love and lived happily ever after.

Whale Island
by Cathy Lamb

***************************SPOILER ALERT*********************SPOILER ALERT******************* A really cute story about an author/illustrator of very popular children's books who has a crazy best friend and a pregnant sister who live on a small island near Seattle. The girls get into all kinds of escapades together. When a writer is sent to do a story on Chalese she panics because she is trying to keep her not so happy childhood in the past. Of course, the author and the writer live happily ever after and the story ended much too soon to my liking.

Secrets In Death Jd Robb

A book in the “in Death” series is almost always a satisfying read. I like knowing the mystery will be solved and good will win in the end. These books do not disappoint. I enjoyed the book and would recommend any book in the series.

Beneath A Prairie Moon
by Kim Vogel Sawyer

This book was ok. It was not terribly romantic. It was somewhat predictable. I am not sure that I would recommend this author.

Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott

it was a good book

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
by Roald Dahl

it was a good book

Harold and the Purple Crayon
by Crockett Johnson

it was a good book

Harold and the Purple Crayon
by Crockett Johnson

it was a good book
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